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I'd love to hear your story, so it's only fair I share a little of mine:

I fell in love with a man who's in love with the ocean. Lucky for him my favourite place is on the beach with a book; toes in the sand, the sun on my skin. When Raglan beckoned, we packed up our things (chickens included) to move closer to the waves.


It was the move which motivated this new business with an old friend. I met photography in the darkroom at high school in 2009 and we've been inseparable ever since. Together we've completed a Master's in Creative Practice, a handful of exhibitions, and a few early entrepreneurial endeavours. We've landed here and we're looking forward to settling in.

Cass the photographer holding some chicken eggs
Cass and her partner on the beach
Cass as a bridesmaid

In other mediums, the artist often creates from scratch, but with photography we start with what already exists. On a wedding day, that's your love. The photographs taken will become an integral part of your story for the rest of your life and the significance of that is not lost on me.

If you're curious, fill out the form here or send me an email directly at

The more details you can include about your plans, the better.

I'll be in touch soon x

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